• Redboard is a revolutionary technology that lets you accurately plan and manage your 3D animation production from the storyboard stage and then seamlessly transfer camera and scene data into your 3D workflow.
  • Watch the video to see how Redboard can help your production save time and money.
  • Redboard exports tweened animations with your storyboards to Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and Softimage

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Export complete storyboards with cameras, character positions and timing to Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and Softimage
Easily view tweened camera, character and prop animation created directly from the Redboard storyboard sequence
Use a standard EDL to your favourite editing software in Redboard for animation timing and automatic route sheet creation
See your artwork over your original 3D assets inside Maya, 3DS Max or Softimage
Use quick and simple models
Draw over the 3D in Redboard's painter tools
Use Adobe Photoshop for artworking
Simple game like controls, arrange characters, vehicles, props and camera angles
Keep producers informed with detailed production files

Redboard In Production

Redboard has been used successfully on a number of successful childrens animated series.

It was used for throughout production for The Hive a 78x7 series produced by Lupus/PPC
"We were blown away by how useful it was to see actual models and characters in situ at such an early stage of the production"
Camilla Deakin - Producer The Hive
"I am really enjoying Redboard! It's making so many of my previously very laborious tasks in storyboard very fast and best of all, organized"

Jason B Parker - Storyboard Artist Chuggington
"Redboard made working on Fireman Sam very straight forwards; communicating with the sub-contracting studio in China was so much easier."
Gary Andrews - Series Director Fireman Sam

How Redboard Saves You Money

1. Anybody can use it

No high-end tech skills required
With minimal technical experience, storyboard artists and directors can position characters, vehicles, props and cameras exactly where they want.

2 - Work with Editors efficiently

Export EDLs to your favourite editing platform
Redboard streamlines your edit workflow:
  • editor imports redboard images
  • editor times out animatic
  • exports EDL to Redboard
  • Redboard exports timed, tweened project to your 3D package

3 - Keep Producers in the loop

Redboard exports route sheets in CSV format
  • Redboard exports an Excel-compatible CSV file with detailed scene data allowing you to keep track of comments and changes.
  • Producers get a detailed breakdown for every episode including image thumbnails, shot name, shot duration, lens used, character distribution, prop population and much more

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